Hub HildenbrandMater
XV. Gnosis - Hub Hildenbrand
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Hub Hildenbrand -  solo guitar (tracks 2, 6, 10, 13 guitar with bow)


I. Invocation, II. Preamble

III. Procession, IV. Proclamation, V. Silence, VI. Communion

VII. Procession, VIII. Dialogue, IX. Proclamation, X. Communion, XI. Silence, XII. Gnosis, XIII. Communion, XIV. Isolation, XV. Gnosis

XVI. Procession, XVII. Gnosis, XVIII. Release

total time: 44:29

  • ALL MUSIC BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • PRODUCED BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • Recorded at Church Woddow, Germany, September 2020

  • RECORDING, MIXING and MASTERING: Sebastian Ohmert (Sonic-Impulse Studio, Berlin)​

  • LABEL, YEAR: Blackbird Music, 2021


While listening back to the finished album I felt extreme gratitude. A gratitude for the love and the support that my mother gave me throughout my entire life. This is why I decided to dedicate this album to her, and why the album is called MATER. Mother is, of course, also the symbol of the creative energy of the universe as well as that of manifested life on earth. As an improvising musician I feel that I work with this energy, in its earthly and divine aspects. Although there aren’t any lyrics on this album, I see these songs as a collection of personal stories. Some of the themes that I engaged with during this session were: loss, grief, the struggle to let go and the existential loneliness or isolation that we all feel sometimes. All of these themes are very important to me, but I don’t want to impose them on the listener. My only hope is that the music takes them on a very deep and rewarding journey, and that everyone finds something precious somewhere along the way. What’s important to me is that this record is listened to in its entirety, because it was designed as a complete work. It’s meant to have the affect/effect of a full feature film. Take care of yourselves and enjoy this journey.

Hub Hildenbrand, Berlin, June 1, 2021

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