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Music and Mysticism

"Why is it called mysticism? Because it cannot be put into words. Words will show us one side of it, but the other side is beyond words." (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

It is a mystical experience when music is formed from silence and comes back to it – every note is a life in itself. The musician with his instrument enters into a dialogue with a transcendent world, which doesn't know cultural borders. At that stage there is just ONE music.

There is a story of a Hindu musician, Tansen, who was at the court of the great emperor Akbar. The emperor asked him: “Tell me, o great musician, who was your teacher?” Tansen replied: “My teacher is a very great musician – but more than that. I cannot call him musician, I must call him music.” (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

For me music is an endless ocean, a whole universe in perfect harmony and beauty. Being a musician is not a profession – it is a calling. It is necessity. A constant search for truth. True music is not for entertainment, it is for your soul. I have a strong belief in the deep power of music. I want my listeners to be touched by the music. If music gets commercialized all its beauty is lost. To enter the infinite space, you must be humble, you have to let go your ego. You can't think about technique and virtuosity. You have to be in the moment and follow the music on the spot. Follow your intuition and forget yourself! Music is a place, where, when you go there it is so beautiful and peaceful. It is a missing thing in our society, it is what connects our souls, of mankind.

Hub Hildenbrand, Berlin, 30 Aug 2017

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