Hub HildenbrandWhen The Night Lost Its Stars


Hub Hildenbrand -  solo guitar (tracks 2 and 10 guitar with bow), vocal, overdubs (piano and strings)


Don't Look Back
The Palace of Our Soul
When the Night Lost Its Stars
Now That It's Over
Soul Seeks Meaning
It Goes Round and Round
Celestial Arcade
When the World Sleeps
The End Is Also a Beginning

total time: 47:40

  • ALL MUSIC BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • PRODUCED BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • Recorded at BIMM Institute Berlin, Germany, February 28, 2020

  • RECORDING, MIXING and MASTERING: Pouya Moghadaszadeh

  • LABEL, YEAR: CDBaby, 2020



On February 28, 2020, I met with sound engineer Pouya Moghadas for a test recording. We only had two hours for the entire session. I went into without having any expectations, I was just coming out of a period when I wasn’t playing any music. So when we listened back to what we had recorded, we were both stunned by its beauty. And, as it turned out, we had a complete album on our hands.
This material was recorded live, with some minor overdubs and me singing on top. In a way it represents my journey – musically – coming full-circle. I haven’t been singing for many years, yet I started my journey by singing.
All of the 14 songs included here are my compositions or the results of improvisation. They are the bird’s-eye view on my life, and life in general. They deal with loss, specifically that of a person whom I loved dearly, but inevitably they also address the transitory nature of life at large. I recently realised that this macro take on life also speaks to the drastic changes that our society is currently undergoing in the wake of the Corona epidemic. As above, so below.

Hub Hildenbrand, Berlin, April 15, 2020

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