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Welcome to Guitar Academia! This is the place where I’ll be sharing the extensive knowledge that I’ve accrued during my 30 year-long exploration of this seemingly endless, labyrinthine palace of music. I am here to support you on your individual journey, hence I’m offering one-on-one lessons online. In addition to this, I also teach masterclasses at music colleges and universities on a variety of topics, like microtonality for standard guitar. If any of this sounds enticing, please contact me here.




On the quest to find my very own musical language, I studied European harmony, American jazz, improvisation, North Indian classical music, Turkish makam music and other styles. During my studies it became evident to me that all of these stand-alone styles are interconnected, as a result I began to look at music as a single vast universe with its own immanent laws. This idea informs how I teach music. When we explore a very specific musical culture we are exposed to an element of music which might be present in other types of music, but it has been refined in the context of this particular style or culture. Thus, we are able to explore it more comprehensively in comparison with the standard approach, where many ideas are just glossed over. When you study other musical cultures, you get to look at music from other perspectives and vantage points. Although you never really have access to the entirety of the universe, with every new perspective you broaden your understanding and, eventually, you start to see the bigger picture. And, let me tell you: the view is just stunning!


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Single Private

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46 Euro /
50 minutes

5 Online Lessons

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205 Euro /
5x 50 minutes

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I feel honoured to be able to share my knowledge on this channel with such a wonderful community of passionate guitarists, but I don’t want this to be a one-way street. I’m open to feedback, questions and comments, in part, because they inspire me to work harder and also help me articulate my ideas with more clarity. Producing new video lessons every week has been extremely helpful in this regard, also to structure all of the material I have collected.

How does the Guitar Academia YouTube Channel work?


The videos on my channel are open to the public and they are free. Each lesson is centred around the content of a PDF that I put together. This pdf  can be downloaded from this website for a nominal fee.

The lesson plan was designed to allow musicians to move at their own pace. Most of the lessons on here are very dense, so it will take a bit of time and dedicated practice to fully understand and absorb them. Sum total, these lessons will provide you with a complete, high quality curriculum.

I hope that the guitar will become a rewarding means for you to express yourself with, and that my channel will help you achieve this goal.


So, without further ado, let’s dive into this endless ocean of music!


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By following the download link in the YouTube video descriptions, you will find all the corresponding PDF files here:

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