Hildenbrand is a wizard of string colors. Within a few seconds, he draws us listeners into his personal cosmos of sound, opens a cineastic stage, and lets his instrument speak in manifold facets. Where does he get this never-ending and always surprising flow of ideas? It is not only his almost limitless imagination that inspires, but also the uncompromising individuality of his music. No one else plays like this. And no one could ever play like this.

AKUSTIK GITARRE, Andreas Schulz, 2020

It makes absolutely speechless.

AACHENER NACHRICHTEN, Verena Richter, 2019

Whole worlds unite in the sounds that Hub Hildenbrand brings out of his guitar.
JAZZTHING, Rolf Thomas, 2018


German guitarist Hub Hildenbrand offers an affecting, cross-cultural blend of atmospheric world jazz. He successfully adapts microtonality to the guitar with adept string bending.
DOWNBEAT (USA), Bill Milkowski, 2018

High-performance sport. Hildenbrand is a superb technician, that becomes clear already with the first, freely improvised piece. Pure technique can quickly become boring if the soul is missing. But Hildenbrand touches, even electrifies from the first to the last minute - full concentration. His music is solemn, introverted, meditative. You close your eyes and let yourself be carried away. The concert lasts two hours. Not a minute too long. One encore.


The German guitarist Hub Hildenbrand is a musician with a broad spectrum. Solo, with only his Gibson archtop on his lap, the unpretentious music, never gets bored. The pronounced and intensive playing of Hildenbrand has a healing effect on the listener.

JAZZFLITS (NETHERLANDS), Hans Invernizzi, 2017

In Hildenbrand's hands, a normal guitar becomes the tool of a mystic.

The music unfolded an almost hypnotic effect and drew the listeners into its spell.
MOZ, Andrea Weil, 2015

Powerfully emotional, Klaus Halama, 2015

We are dealing here with something very exceptional., Wolfgang Giese, 2015



The reduction to the essential and the discovery of music as a spiritual force.
JAZZPODIUM, Alexander Schmitz, 2013

A world of sound that develops a hypnotic attraction.
DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR, Ralf Bei der Kellen, 2013

Gives you goosebumps

An eminent guitarist

Guitarist Hub Hildenbrand is well-versed in both North Indian and Turkish classical music forms. He explores microtones with his guitar as he approximates the timbres and repertoire of both the Middle Eastern oud and Indian sarod. This CD is, as they say, a class act.
FOXYDIGITALIS.COM, William Tilland, 2011

JAZZPODIUM, Alexander Schmitz, 2011

An independent language. Very moving Music.

A path to the core of music.
JAZZPODIUM, Alexander Schmitz, 2010

A music that is unique in the world of jazz guitar. Hildenbrand has developed his very own way of playing. With exceptional technique, he creates extraordinary listening experiences. An absolute highlight of contemporary jazz guitar., Thorsten Hingst, 2009

A journey of self-discovery. Music as a language. A fact that one almost intuitively notices. This music does not fall into any trap and avoids all stereotypes, because it simply is and wants to be nothing else. Unique.
JAZZTHETIK, Ralf Bei der Kellen, 2008

The most intensive musical experience for a long time.
INDIGO NOTES, Ralf Bei der Kellen, 2008

Music that lets you re-discover the enjoyment of listening.
JAZZZEIT (AUSTRIA), Ralf Bei der Kellen, 2008

Absolutely great!
KULTURRADIO (RBB), Ulf Drechsel, 2008