Introducing Hub Hildenbrand

solo guitar, compositions, improvisations

The Garden of Stolen Sounds

production and copyright 2019 by Silentfilm and Hub Hildenbrand




This video was funded by the Jazz Stipend Programme of the Berlin Senate, department of culture (Berlin, Germany). Hub Hildenbrand would like to thank Uwe Sandhop and Sabine Koehncke of the Berlin Senate for the support and the jury Bettina Bole, Julia Huelsmann, Ulf Drechsel, Bert Noglik, and Tobias Richtsteig for the positive evaluation of my music.

Special thanks to...

...Kerstin Strassburg and Maya Nowbary of the Spiegelsaal in Berlin for their support and organizing the beautiful concert series Sonntagskonzerte at this amazing location.

...the audience at Spiegelsaal for being just wonderful and giving permission for filming.

...the Ahmadiyya mosque in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.


...Birol Ucan and the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

...Kerstin Rueve and Frank Buntrock of Passionskirche in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Very special thanks to...

...Sebastian Ohmert at Sonic-Impulse Studio, Berlin for recording, mixing and mastering the music in this video.

...Heiko Aufdermauer and the whole team at Silentfilm for creating this video and being part of the conception right from the start.

The CD, Hub Hildenbrand The Garden of Stolen Sounds was released on Unit Records (Switzerland) in 2017 and is distributed world-wide by Membran media GmbH.
It has been downloaded over 6000 times on iTunes / Apple Music in 2017

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