Hub Hildenbrand Trio | Requiem
Kyrie XVIII - Hub Hildenbrand Trio
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Graduale (Requiem Aeternam) - Hub Hildenbrand Trio
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Hub Hildenbrand - guitar, also with a bow (1, 11, 14, 21, 24), vocal (2)
Dirk Strakhof - double bass
Denis Stilke - drums, percussion


I Introitus (Requiem Aeternam)
II Die Welt Ist Ganz Stille (The World Is Still)
III Tractus (Absolve Domine) –
IV Confiteor (Actus Poenitentialis)
V Libera Me
VI Collecta
VII Offertorium
VIII Munda Cor
IX Graduale (Requiem Aeternam)*
X Consecratio
XI Sanctus*
XII Praefatio Defunctorum*
XIII Memento
XIV Lux Aeternam*
XV Evangelium
XVI Sursum Corda
XVII Lectio
XVIII Sequentia I. Dies Irae*
XIX Sequentia II. Lacrimosa*
XX Agnus Dei*
XXII Secreta
XXIII Ad Pacem
XXV Postcommunio
XXVI Requiescant In Pace (Ritus

total time: 52:07

  • CONCEPT and MONTAGE: Hub Hildenbrand

  • COMPOSITIONS and LYRICS: Hub Hildenbrand, except 6, 22 (Strakhof/Hildenbrand), 15 (Stilke/Strakhof/Hildenbrand)

  • * based on Gregorian Chants

  • ARRANGEMENTS: Hub Hildenbrand Trio

  • Recorded at church Bagemuehl, Germany, October 2008

  • RECORDING, MIXING and MASTERING: Sebastian Ohmert (Sonic-Impulse Studio, Berlin)

  • LABEL, YEAR: Ears Love Music, 2010

The confrontation with our own mortality is unsettling. In our fast-moving achievement-oriented society, death is taboo. But it is facing up to the reality of death which allows us to grasp the essence of life. The sacred atmosphere of the church and the musical form of the requiem give death its place, with all the attendant grief, pain and doubt. The starting point for this recording was the Missa Pro Defunctis (Latin: mass for the dead) as defined in the 16th century. Our intention was to create a purely instrumental rendition of the entire process of the mass, the Latin liturgy and the Gregorian plainchants. The subsequent processing and editing of the recorded material followed purely musical and dramaturgical considerations, detached from the original chronology and without any claims to completeness. We ended up with a kind of cubistic sound painting, which illuminates the rigorous form of the Catholic requiem from various different (temporal) perspectives.

Hub Hildenbrand, Berlin, July 25, 2010

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