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Hub Hildenbrand | The Door We Never Opened


Hub Hildenbrand - duitarod  about the instrument


Let go
If I Were A Little Bird
(Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär)* (German folk song)
Kalika (based on Raag Shree)
My Heart Is So Full
The Empty Room
The Door We never Opened

Heaven - Hub Hildenbrand
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My Heart Is So Full - Hub Hildenbrand
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  • COMPOSITIONS: Hub Hildenbrand, except as indicated*

  • PRODUCED BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • LABEL, YEAR: Ears Love Music, 2013

The Duitarod
Hub Hildenbrand - Duitarod
Hub Hildenbrand - Duitarod

photos by Bert Brüggemann

This instrument was custom made for Hub Hildenbrand by Mukunda Biswas, a luthier in Calcutta (India). Hildenbrand made a sketch for him and they discussed the details. "He did a really amazing job! I am very grateful for his dedication and inspiration." The Duitarod combines a 6-string acoustic guitar neck and a sarod based 4-string fretless neck. In addition, it has 12 resonance strings and two cikari-strings, which are played as a drone and rhythmically. "My idea for this instrument was to expand the expressive range of the guitar."

The name is composed of "Dui" (for "two" in Bengali, that is, double neck guitar), "(G)uitar" and "(S)arod".

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