Hub Hildenbrand | The Garden of Stolen Sounds


Hub Hildenbrand - guitar


The Beginning
Chant From The Void
All Things
New Blossoms
What The Wind Brought From Afar
Corrente* (J.S. Bach, BWV 1002)
The Swarm
Es Fiel Ein Reif In Der Fruehlingsnacht
     (There Came A Frost In Spring)* (German folk song)
Tree Of Knowledge
From Yozgat (for Mesut)* (Turkish folk song, Kiyili Halayi)
The Surface Of The Deep
A New Dawn
And So It Was
Fading Flowers

total time: 73:33

  • MUSIC BY: Hub Hildenbrand, except as indicated*

  • PRODUCED BY: Hub Hildenbrand

  • Recorded at church Bagemuehl, Germany, Oct 2015

  • RECORDING, MIXING and MASTERING: Sebastian Ohmert (Sonic-Impulse Studio, Berlin)

  • COVER: Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and Eve, 1526. Oil on panel, 117 x 80 cm, with kind permission of the Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, London

  • LABEL, YEAR: Unit Records, 2017

When The Night Lost Its Stars
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